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Q | What is The Vertical Garden Made From?

A | The Vertical Garden is made from a durable polyvinyl, which allows the planter to be used inside or out without cracking or fading.

​Q | Where is the Vertical Garden Made?

A | The Vertical Garden is manufactured in Australia and distributed in the United States.

​Q | What soil do I use in The Vertical Garden?

A | There is no preferred soil to use in The Vertical Garden. We recommend using a high-quality potting soil such as Miracle Grow or an organic potting soil.

Q | What do I plant in The Vertical Garden?

A | You can plant any kind of plant that thrives in a 6-7 inch pot. The most popular things to plant in The Vertical Garden are Strawberries, Herbs, Impatiens, Bulbs, Seeds, Petunias, Ivies, Succulents, Cacti, and more. 

Q | Where do I water The Vertical Garden?

A | You will want to water the top level of your Vertical Garden. Each level has multiples holes to allow the water to sink through each level. This is helpful in preventing over saturation and root rot. Plant the plants that need the most water on the top levels and the plants that need the least amount of water on the bottom levels. If all plants require lots of water you may have to individually water some plants.

Q | How long do I water The Vertical Garden?

A | You will water The Vertical Garden until it reaches the bottom drip trap. Once it reaches the bottom you know that the water as made it through all levels.

​Q | How frequently do I water The Vertical Garden?

A | How frequently you will need to water The Vertical Garden depends on several factors such as; what type of plants you have planted, the amount of sun the plants are getting, temperature, and more. A good rule of thumb is whenever your plants start to look dry, give them a drink.

​Q | How high can I stack The Vertical Garden?

A | If you are not introducing any extra support we do not recommend combining more than two sets (six levels) together.

Q | Can I put the Vertical Garden outdoors?

A | Yes, The Vertical Garden is made from a durable polypropylene so you can use it indoors as well as outdoors year-round.

​Q| How do I plant in The Vertical Garden?

A| If you are simply placing The Vertical Garden on the floor, stand, table, etc then you will want to lay the different levels of your Vertical Garden out and start by putting soil in each individual level. On the bottom two levels you will want to plant a plant in each corner for a total of three plants per level. On your top level you can plant a plant in the center for a total of four plants on your top level. If you would like to add pebbles, moss, or other decorations do so at this time.

Q | How do I put the hanging chain in The Vertical Garden?

A | The hanging chain is sold separately from your Vertical Garden, if you wish to purchase a hanging chain please click here

 Stack the three levels of The Vertical Garden together and before you plant or soil thread the chain through the center hole of the top level and continue down through through the lower pots until you have a few links hanging from the bottom of the last level. Slide the chain-locking disc over the second to last chain link, then set it flush inside the bottom of the last level by pulling the chain tight. Stack pots so they interlock and continue to tighten the chain to remove any slack. Align the three pegs on the drip tray to corresponding holes on the bottom pot. Push in, then twist to lock. Now you are ready to start planting.​ To watch a video on how to insert your hanging chain please click here.